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Now that Free! and DMMD are both over, hopefully now I can move on from anime and starting living my li-

God fucking damn it

Inugami (犬神) - Gugure! Kokkuri-san EP.02

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[..This makes me more happy then it should.]

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when someone meets me in person

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|| Shingeki no OTP 進撃のOTP ||

~Sashaconnie (Sasha x Connie)
~Aruani (Armin x Annie)
~Eremika (Mikasa x Eren)
~Rivetra (Levi x Petra, btw I ship him with Hanji too)
~Yumikuri (Christa/Historia x Ymir)

((Credit to dreamxxdream, I’m in love with this style, keep going xx))


In the lobby of the CTcon hotel on Saturday, there was a family with two cute little twin girls walking around and talking to all of the cosplayers. I was talking to my friends (hiwamu and haihane) when they were approached by the parents and these timid kids.

The parents asked: “What are you two from?”

Virus: “Uh… We’re from a video game.”

Parents: “Is it G-Rated?”

ViTri: “No.”

Understatement of the century.

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