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when i ask u what ur favourite colour is i expect a colour of the rainbow not some guava sunset-salami coral reef bullshit 

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If you tell me you’re going to sleep and I see you 10 minutes later on Tumblr, I understand completely.



so much tension in one photo

its either 1am or 1pm in the pic and i dont know which is funnier

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oh shit

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oversized hoodies

you think they’re clothes

but they’re actually wearable hugs


do you ever look at your url and think “i am so glad that i have this url. i deserve this url” 

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one of my favourite ship combos is when you have one really grumpy/cranky character or someone deathly serious who never smiles and a really happy/bubbly/energetic character that drags them everywhere and the first character looks really unamused but the happy character’s having the time of their life and then the happy character smooches the grumpy character and the grumpy character just gives this soft little smile and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


gabrielle nilsson is an amazing artist.


ok but can we talk about noiz for a second

the guy stays home every day eating pizza and playing video games but still manages to be fit and fight koujaku like a pro 

what is his secret



I thought we agreed to never be creative again.

I fucking hate this as I reblog it to my page immediately

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If you think that this video wasn’t made for Nitori and Momotarou I don’t know what to tell you